Shedding Light on January

Shedding Light on January

Besa 2016 Winter Dallas Show
Featured: Product Recap

The new Besa product at Lightovation was compelling and well received, with positive feedback that was as diverse as the collections themselves.  There was seemingly something for everyone with the broad variety of materials and designs presented in this year’s collections.  Thanks again for all of you that attended and helped to make this a productive launch! 

Concrete Pendants Cue Ceiling Halo Sconce Spirit Pendant
Duke Vanity Pella Ceiling
Sultana Pendant Pogo Ceiling Stencil Pendant
Tune Pendant Spazio Pendant Milo Vanity
Nico 5 Vanity Juni Wall Pendant Terra Pendant

Custom Work Making it your own at Besa Lighting
Featured: Custom Works Project No. 035

Did you know that Besa Lighting offers custom designed luminaires for commercial projects? Learn more about how we use our core competencies of UL certification, domestic sourcing, assembly capabilities, etc to produce decorative fixtures to meet your specification.

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