Prismo 10 / 16


Prismo 10 features clear glass with frosted panels that cross the traditional/contemporary divide. Use indoors or out. Our Marble glass is a pressed glass that features swirls of white throughout semi-translucent frost, to create a faux alabaster appearance. An arched clear rod acts an accent, beautifully playing with the illumination of the fixture. When lit this gives off a light that is functional and soothing. The smooth satin finish on the clear outer layer is a result of an extensive etching process. This handcrafted glass uses a process where every glass is consistently produced using a press mold, keeping variations to a minimum.

  • 60W A19 Medium-base lamp (not included)
  • 8W LED Replaceable source, CL dimmable (included)
  • Prismo 10: 5" L x 10.5" H x 4.25" D (1x lamp)
  • Prismo 16: 5" L x 16" H x 4.25" D (2x lamps)
  • White Backplate