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Sensibly Contemporary

Product Collection

Unique Elements

Concrete collection

Corrugated Cardboard

LED, Intricate cut layers

Stencil Patterns

Unique Pendants

Besa Illuminated

  • Optical Lines

    Pinta Pendants and Ceiling

    Pinta's unique optical lines are a sophisticated refinement to clear glass, where the lines visually play with the image of the exposed light source.

  • Bubble Display

    Juni Pendants and Sconces

    The Juni is a transparent glass cylinder, with an interesting bubble pattern blown randomly throughout the glass.

  • Concrete designs

    Concrete Pendants

    Our Gala natural pendant is equipped with a cement-based conical shade, while concealing a focused light source for effective task lighting. Produced from natural elements and industrially inspired, this pendant offers a look that will easily merge into the recent urban decorating trend.

  • Artistic Display


    Our industrial styled Sultana LED sconce is composed of a black aluminum bracket and artistic display of rounded woven metal rods.

  • Crosscut Glass

    Zito Pendants

    Zito's stunning cylindrical, elongated design with highly polished crosscuts and positioned on the perimeter.

  • Shade Metal

    Persia Pendants

    Our Persia metal shade LED Pendant is an updated RLM look with aluminum finish.

  • Optical Pattern


    The Bombay Pendant is composed of a glass globe, with an interesting circular optical pattern blown throughout the interior of the glass.

  • Low Profile

    Sophi Ceiling

    Our Sophi Flush mount is a low profile contemporary design, composed of a softly radiused blown glass shade.

  • Unique Texture

    Pica Pendants

    Pica is a compact tapered glass with a broad angled top and a chamfer-cut bottom, its retro styling will gracefully blend into today's environments.

  • Rustic Finishes

    Spezza Collection

    Experiment with an industrial look with the Spezza styled cages collection. This collection brings character to any space with it's unique design and creative use of metal.

  • Innovative Style


    Our ultra low-profile Manta is a multi-layered glass, with a glossy white diffuser applied to a sparkling clear glass ring.

  • Golden Glow

    Glitter is now in Gold

    Gold Glitter starts with a clear glass that is tinted a warm golden tone, and then a technologically advanced crystal coating applied to the inside.

  • Bright Lights

    Botella Pendants

    Available in two sizes and four frosted colors, our Botellas are inspired by the timeless and cherished fermented grape beverage.

  • Black and White

    Pogo Sconces

    Our sophisticated Pogo sconces and bath collection, with the understated yet upscale Black and White options, utilize foil and edge lighting for a compelling effect.

  • Luxurious Bath

    Paolo Vanity

    New to the collection is the glitter decor for Paolo. Add some luxury to your bath by bringing in some shimmer and sparkle.

  • Heavy Metal


    Our Sputnik LED Pendant is a clean and simple machined aluminum design with a frosted acrylic diffuser for shielding the light source.

  • Focus on Light

    Focus Collection

    Using a playful combination of Opal Glossy, the Focus can range from functionality contemporary to an awesome splash of color.

  • Making Waves

    Wave Collection

    Enjoy the resurgence of stylish clear glass, the Wave pendant and ceiling lights take it to the next level with a romantic wrap of glass rope. No two are the same, as the spiraling glass rope is applied based on the artisan's creative taste.

  • Custom Color

    Flower Pendants

    Our Flower LED Pendant is a compactly radiused machined aluminum design with multiple tiered clear acrylic rings and a frosted acrylic diffuser for shielding the light source.

  • Warm and Cool

    Optos Sconce

    Offered with two optical-effect lenses, the Optos Sconce is a harmonic balance between warm and cool lighting effects. The interchangeable lenses provide customization options that would accommodate many different decors. For lamping options and finishes, check out the spec sheet for further details.

  • Gold and Silver

    Pogo Pendants

    Gold and Silver Foil are sparkling and metallic. Distressed metal foil is applied to the inner surface of a glossy clear blown glass. This decor is full of texture and depth; however the outer surface of the glass is smooth.

  • Metallics

    Brio Pendants

    Gold and Silver Foil are sparkling and metallic. Distressed metal foil is applied to the inner surface of a glossy clear blown glass.

Glass, Beautiful Illuminating Sustainable

Besa Products


Besa's unique yet functional product delivers innovative looks, utilizing our core competencies of European glass artisanship, sensibly contemporary styling, and flexibility in both lamping and mounting options.

Besa Videos

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